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Drs. Soo-Young Lee (KAIST), and Ken Boff (Georgia Tech) are co-organizing a workshop 4-6 November 09, in Taejon, South Korea, and a Barcamp, of the same title, to be held in Seoul, on the 7th of November, 2009.

This Wiki is intended as a self-organizing resource for the workshop, and Barcamp.

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While the workshop itself will be of limited size, and by-invitation only, anyone can sign up for the Barcamp, which will be held on the 7th of November.  Click on "Barcamp Seoul" to the left for more details.


"Etiology and impact of "digital natives" on cultures, commerce and societies"

Invitation-only Workshop to be held in 4-6 November 09 in South Korea


The first generation of “digital natives” is now coming of age, and soon our world will be reshaped in their image. Cultures, commerce and societies have potential to be transformed in significant and lasting ways.

The terms, “digital native”, “Net Generation”, “Trophy Children” are all synonymous for those born after 1980 and who grew up Immersed in the internet, video games and instant messaging and tightly-coupled to gadgets such as personal cell phones, digital music players and video cams. A government survey in Korea found that 50.3 percent of three-to five-year-olds log onto the Internet at least once a month. They were found to have first faced the Web at 3.2 years on average. Their developing minds have learned to adapt to speed and thrive on it. This generation was socialized in ways vastly different than their parents and with no precedent in human history.

Digital natives share a common global culture that is not strictly defined by age but by certain attributes and experiences related to how they interact with information technologies, information itself, one another, and other people and institutions”.Some of the dimensions (from Prensky,1998) on which Digital natives differ from analog natives are: 

  • Twitch speed vs Conventional speed
  • Parallel processing vs Linear processing
  • Random access vs Linear thinking
  • Graphics first vs Text first
  • Connected vs Stand-alone
  • Active vs Passive
  • Play vs Work
  • Payoff vs Patience
  • Fantasy vs Reality
  • Technology as friend vs Technology as foe


The principal goals of this workshop are to characterize our current understanding of this phenomenon and its potential impacts on culture, commerce and society at local and global levels.The design of the meeting will foster opportunities to exchange and share knowledge among invited thought leaders and facilitate identification of leading researchable questions to help satisfy what we need to know?


Current and futurist perspectives on 

  • Emerging digital cultures: Is the digital divide a cultural divide?
  • “Sacred values” of the Net Generation   
  • Social and political implications
  • Educational implications:   
    • Digital Game-Based Learning
    • New strengths and skill sets


  • Organizational impacts of Workers Who Think Differently
  • Neuro-physiological and cognitive differences
  • Marketing and business implications



Participants: (~20 invited, travel expenses reimbursed)


  • Multi-disciplinary perspectives: Behavioral Scientists, Cultural anthropologists, Sociologists, Educational psychologists, Neuro-physiologists, political scientists, behavioral economists   
  • Multi-national perspectives: Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Australia, US



Venue: South Korea: The country invested billions in IT and broadband infrastructure and it worked. South Korea has become the world's 10th largest economy and it is now the most connected country in the world.


SITE: Workshop: Taejon, South Korea. Barcamp: Seoul, South Korea. HOTEL RESERVATIONS ARE BEING MADE IN A BLOCK by the conference organizers. If you have received an official notification letter, then rooms are being reserved in your name at the venue hotels.


Timeframe: Workshop 4-6 Nov 2009, Barcamp on the 7th.


Workshop will be composed of paper sessions, Working group sessions, opening reception, WS dinner, optional cultural tour.



Kenneth R Boff, Principal Scientist, Tennenbaum Institute, Georgia Institute of Technology and Science Advisor, AFOSR Asian Office of Aerospace R&D


Soo-Young Lee, KAIST


Digital Native Science News 

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I have a Vietnamese friend who attended that workshop and she enjoyed it coz' of new information she gained. Plus, she met a couple of people who carries the same interest as hers like rock music, essay writing, dvd marathon of Cuban and Mexican films. When she got back in her country, she made a couple of essays for their school broadsheet to spread what she learned about "DIGITAL NATIVES". This workshop is really a good one because it widens the scope of knowledge on technologies and how it affects the society and humans as well.
Posted 00:35, 6 Jan 2010
Great post and a very good convention of great minds thinking a like and sharing the wealth of their immense mental skills in the world dominated by technological embellishments that make life significantly better and more efficient. I think on our most basic level we are creative beings and as we grow older we tend to get pulled or pushed away from that. Well we need to develop more and more WIKIs like this, nice information. Benigno of Sikat ang Pinoy
Posted 05:31, 9 Jan 2010
When she got back in her country, she made a couple of essays for their school broadsheet to spread what she learned about "DIGITAL NATIVES". Online degrees | online associate Degree | Bachelors degree
Posted 07:56, 14 Jan 2010
Thanks for sharing. i really appreciate it that you shared with us such a informative post.. Online computer Science degree | Online Criminal Justice degree
Posted 07:56, 14 Jan 2010
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